Work Alongside Happy People

At Wooqer, we’re building technology that makes it extraordinarily easy for our users to discover work and do it in a way that makes them happy. Along the way, we’ve built a team of Happy-People who’ve helped us marry Deep-Tech with Happy-Tech.

If you’re passionate about creating products that inspire more and more people to be happy getting the job done, we’d love to talk to you!

If we don’t have a role that excites you, contact us.
We’re always looking for great people and when we do find one, we create a role.

Our focus at Wooqer


Make people Successful

We want to create 100 millionaires from Wooqer & incubate at least 100 people founded companies within Wooqer so that they can grow into great profitable businesses over time.


Achieve profitable hypergrowth

We want to grow through innovation at a rate >2X of average market growth rates for the next 10 years. However, we want to grow sustainably, without burning money and our people.


Be extraordinarily good at what we do 

We want to create outsized returns for our investors, build practical innovations for our customers, and be an ethical partner to our vendors. 

Our Values



We deliver what people expect from us without making excuses. We own what we are responsible for and we act on behalf of what is right for the company.


Pursue Excellence

We set a high bar for self and people we work with. Whatever we build-Product, Business, Relationships, Brand, Future-we do it right. We value inputs and we value operational excellence of very high standards.


Set crazy big goals. Celebrate success

Set ambitious goals, prioritise, hustle to execute with speed and celebrate every success.


Attention to Detail

We deep dive into things, stay connected to details and behind the scenes of results, inspect frequently and respect metrics! We are skeptical when data and anecdotes differ.


Are right. Most times

We have a strong judgement and good instincts to make right decisions most times with available information.


Think next. Simplify

We relentlessly nurture imagination creating exceptional experiences that delight our people and users as we connect NEW ideas to business realities. We think big and give NEW enough time to be understood.


Frugality. Everyday

Do more with less! We are resourceful and think of constraints as problems to be solved. Headcount, budget size or an expense to feel comfortable is not our way of doing things.


Blow away customer expectations. Everytime

Measure our success with what customers and users tell about us! We work customer backwards and believe customer trust is earned.

Our recipe for success


We spend 75% of our time on deep work. It’s OK to say no to anything that violates this.


We keep meetings short, focused & outcome oriented. We expect attendees to come prepared.


We make sure we hire right, or don’t hire at all. We may take months to say yes. Bear with us 🙂


We conduct detailed documented Root Cause Analysis. Even more when anything goes different than expected.


We keep everyday promises internally and externally. If something was to be done today, it should be done today.


We create a system for everything. Focus on right inputs. Outcomes shall follow.




Competitive Salary and Generous Stock options


Take a Chill-Pill

Enjoy your time off with our unlimited paid time off policy


Hunger Pangs?

Everyday lunch and snacks are on us



Health is Wealth

We have our people covered with comprehensive health insurance



Catered lunches, games and lively in-office events! Poker anyone?


Baby On Board?

Maternity, Paternity and adoption leave for the new parents

Woogether at Wooqer

At Wooqer, we’re in it WooTogether,
celebrating our milestones and our diversity.

We believe that diverse teams are happy teams and happy people make better decisions, driving happy-interactions with our customers and stronger business outcomes for Wooqer.

The best ideas can come from anyone, and so we’ve built a team that’s inclusive, one that works Woo-gether to build a world class product that helps get the job done.

Job Positions

Customer Success Senior Manager
Content Writer
Sales Development Representative
Account Executive
Sales Operations Manager
iOS Developer
Mobile Tech Lead
Devops Engineer

Can't find role that excites you?

We’re always looking for great people and when we do find one, we create a role.