We are on a mission to empower people by simplifying technology and making it practical!

Our Story

Built by seasoned entrepreneurs along with hundreds of customers and backed by legendary entrepreneurs and investors, Wooqer was built on insights from the market, from Business users and the underlying belief that companies and people need to react quickly to changing needs.

The Shift: DIY

It all started with the realization that the world is going DIY! Whether it is communication, shopping, booking, banking or even trading, we are doing it on our own. And despite the effort needed to acquire new skills, we are loving it! We shop at midnight, make bookings on the move and live life on our own terms. Going DIY is giving us the power to do what we want, when we want it, as we want it.

The Need: 'Enablement'

While DIY has become a way of life at a personal level, things are different at the workplace, specially when we need technology. Dependencies on budgets, resources or specialized skills make decision making and execution long and painful. Needs often change before the first delivery and keep changing thereafter. Enabling Business users with DIY tools, can help.

The Solution: 'Wooqer'

And that's why we built Wooqer. We studied the information challenges of Business leaders. Of these, we identified the ones that are more needed and yet simple enough for DIY, but lacking affordable or elegant solutions at the current time. We broke them down to their very building blocks and soon Wooqer was born!

Building Blocks

Wooqer was built to be a DIY tool. So instead of trying to build perfect solutions for specific problems, we build building blocks that help users solve most problems and links to maximize possibilities with these building blocks

Simple and Elegant

Wooqer was built to make work simple. And our expertise at creating simple, elegant solutions to the most complex of problems  is what helps our users achieve superlative outcomes, quickly.

Create. Assign. Launch. Track.

This is the design mantra behind all our Building blocks. How our users can perform each of these tasks simply and meaningfully is what our product team is thinking about and working on.

Mobile first

We believe that the world is headed towards a mobile way of working and all our thinking is focused on how we can unleash the power of mobile devices for our user to make them more productive and efficient.

Data collection to Analytics & Decisions

Having started with enabling most working and bringing most data created in organizations onto a common platform, we are now on a journey to helping our users get most value from the data they are capturing.

The Future of Work

We learn from the past, but are always looking ahead as we consider how and what problems to focus on solving. The most important thing for us is to ensure that our users achieve their Business outcomes in the most elegant way possible.



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