Exit Form
Make The Exit Process Of An Outgoing Employee As Streamlined As Possible
It's free. No Credit Card needed!
It\'s free, no Credit Card needed!

We know that you’d like your organization to make the exit process of an employee as seamless as possible; for them, and also for your HR team. In order to ensure an easy and comprehensive outward journey, the Exit Form App avoids burdening the existing individual with excess paperwork, whilst helping your team to preserve records that are useful in various HR audits.

The Wooqer Exit Form App facilitates a mobile-enabled and environment-friendly way to streamline the exit process of an outgoing employee. HR professionals and outgoing employees can simply insert the necessary details, at their convenience. With this incredible tool, one can make and update certain observations, whilst being given the option to submit evidence for the same.

The multi-level approval system ensures that handovers and approvals can take place with a simple click of a button.

Top Capabilities
User Access Management
Picture Evidence
Compliance Report
Completion Report
Top Issues
Predefined Cut-off or End date
Live Camera Evidence
Automated Escalations
Real-Time Auto-Aggregated Reports
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